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What are the Best Strategies to Manage Stress in the Workplace?

Work-related stress is an inevitable part of a professional’s life. Especially people who have held a job will relate to it. Any job can create stress even if you love what you do. 

Have you seen ‘Suits’? Yes, the one with Harvey Spectre and Michael Ross. They loved what they did. It almost seemed like they don’t work to live but live to work.  But still, they dealt with a lot of stress. Talk about upset clients, tough decisions, hiring the right talent, being answerable to the boss, etc. You know what we are talking about. 

It is very close to reality. You won’t be surprised if we tell you that according to a survey conducted by APA, work is cited as a considerable source of stress. 

It is not always possible to mitigate all the tensions at work. However, one can take steps for managing stress at work. Both employers and employees have an important role to play. 

Below are few strategies for managing stress in the workplace

What Should Employers Do?

  • Consider Flexible Work Shifts

Today’s workforce does not wish to constrict in a 9-to-5 job. However, most of us aren’t able to get out of this cycle. Most people will agree that professionals nowadays thrive on the privilege to get work done when and where they feel productive and creative. As an employer, you must consider this fact and give employees the freedom to choose their working hours.

  • Create an Inclusive Work Space

Some individuals like to work in an extra quiet space. While others excel in an upbeat environment as it helps them to get their creative juices flowing. Employers must think about this and try to create different spaces within the office. It’ll help to reduce unnecessary stress and increase productivity. 

  • Invest in an Employee Wellness Programme

A lot of corporations or organizations already have employee wellness programmes in place. It is one of the most important ways of keeping your employees’ health in check. Stress doesn’t only affect an employee’s productivity or their behaviour, it affects their entire being. Employee wellness programmes can be a breakthrough and help take care of unmanaged stress. Along with physical health, mental health plays a crucial role in managing stress. If a programme is already in place, it can also help in the early detection of mental wellbeing related issue. It can help to create a positive behaviour change on a personal and professional level. 

What Can Employees Do?

  • Employees must take Employee Wellness Programmes seriously. Keeping a track of all the activities and taking initiative is important. It won’t only help your professional life but also your personal life.
  • Most of us work throughout the week. Hence, it is very important to recharge for taking care of your wellbeing. Exercise, meditate, keep a check on your mental health, etc.
  • Lead by an example. If you are the supervisor, then you must healthily manage your stress. You also try not to emit any unnecessary tensions in the workplace.
  • Talk it out if you think something bothering you at the workplace. Communication is the key.
  • Sometimes we are in a zone when we jump to negative conclusions. Try to reappraise the negative thoughts and consider them as hypothesis instead of facts. Start considering other possibilities.
  • We often indulge in unhealthy practices which in turn deteriorate our mental and physical health. If you can, try to cut down on smoking, drinking, eating junk, etc.

Stress can lead to serious problems. Even if it’s eustress at work, it is still stressful. It is crucial to keep your mental wellness in check. One of the ways is to take personality screenings now and then. It’s just like a full-body check-up but for your mental health. It will help in the early detection of any mental-health related issues. Employers must consider investing in an employee wellness programme. According to various studies, the return of such investments is quite high. 

Employees are an organization’s most important assets. It is time to start taking care of the torch-bearers!