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Workplace stress management and Employee wellbeing programs

HappiSPACE is an anonymous and highly confidential space that actively works towards redefining mental wellbeing of employees. Our end-to-end tech-enabled platform aims at creating awareness about emotional wellness and offering self-management tools to improve it.

workplace stress management and wellbeing programs.

2800+ Organisations using our Self Help App

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How can we

Make Employees Happy?

Emotional strength to deal with complexities at work & personal priorities.

Awareness about emotional wellbeing issues

Knowledge & Skills to prevent emotional issues

Tools for Early detection & Self Treatment

Complete confidentiality of usage & Security of personal data

why happimynd

What’s unique about us!

Create visibility of overall wellbeing in employees.

Generate confidence in users about the need of emotional & mental well being tools.

Reliable, Secure & Affordable Tools for safe & secure being.

Tangible metrics of usage & improvement of emotional wellbeing

Improvement in overall Engagement & enhanced Productivity of Employees.

Build a Happi & Productive workspace