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HappiSPACE – Work Together, Thrive Together

When we have worked at the same place for a while, the workplace becomes a second home and the teammates become family. Due to Covid-19 and work-from-home, people might be missing that physical connection and sense of belongingness. Moreover, a lot of people are scared to lose their jobs due to the state of disarray. The feeling of insecurity is prominent.

The pandemic has been hard on everyone; mentally, physically and emotionally. There wouldn’t be one family unaffected by the pandemic. Employers must recognize the importance of mental well-being now more than ever. Your employees need to feel secure and motivated in these tough and challenging times.

HappiSPACE is a perfect solution for all those organizations that recognize the importance of mental well-being.

What is HappiSPACE?

HappiSPACE is a digital product that can seamlessly fit in any organization’s environment and improve the emotional well-being of its employees. It is readily accepted because of its salient features that promise anonymity and confidentiality.  It revolves around a five-stage solution based on Awareness, Prevention, Early Detection, Self-Management and Therapeutic Treatments for mental wellness and related issues through positive aspects of psychology before they become life-altering. 

  • HappiLIFE – Awareness
  • HappiCHAT – Prevention 
  • HappiAPP – Early Detection
  • HappiTALK – Self-Management
  • HappiSPACE – Therapeutic Management

When you choose HappiSPACE, you get access to all of the other products that holistically take care of your employee’s mental well-being. 

Currently, we are working with 2800+ companies and constantly striving to make more and more people emotionally resilient. Various studies prove that psychologically healthy employees perform better at a workplace than the ones who are struggling with mental health issues. 

Who Should use HappiSPACE?

You must consider HappiSPACE for your organization if you feel that:

  • Your employees are struggling with maintaining a work-life balance
  • They are stressed and overburdened
  • There is frequent absence from the workplace
  • Employee retention rate is going down
  • Productivity can be enhanced
  • Your employees are impacted by the pandemic
  • Improving mental well-being will improve the overall well-being of your employees

Caring for your employees will help your organization in the longer run. In fact, according to international research, companies that invested in mental health programs for one year had a median annual ROI of $1.62 for every dollar. The ROI significantly increased when companies carried on with mental health programs for three or more years.

Why Choose HappiSPACE?

There are various mental health programs available in the market. However, HappiSPACE is a unique product because of the following reasons:

  • Various kinds of services are available under one roof. From personality screening to self-help app, chat, content library, and counselling.
  • Services can be altered as per the organization’s need.
  • HappiAPP is the only NHS approved mental health app. It is also certified by ISO27001.
  • HappiSPACE focuses on maintaining confidentiality and anonymity. Hence, the employees will feel secure and accept and use it without hesitation.
  • It is end-to-end technology-enabled. It can be accessed by anyone, anywhere and anytime.
  • Offers an array of services apart from the ones already mentioned like webinars, expert talks, podcasts, etc.
  • Employees will be engaged and personal attention can also be given.

HappiSPACE is an ideal way to start your organization’s journey towards an emotionally resilient work environment. Since most of us spend long hours working, companies must take care of our overall well-being. It will lead to happy, highly productive and engaged employees. It will fill up each day in your organization with vigour, enthusiasm and zeal to do more. You and your employees will be surrounded with positivity, high self-esteem and unbreakable confidence. They will perform better, achieve more and handle their emotions well. It won’t only improve their professional life but also their personal life as there will be various fruitful discoveries along the way.