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Coping With Digital Fatigue

Do you feel like banging your head in the wall whenever you get the invite for a video conference?

Even though you are no longer commuting, do you feel exhausted by the end of the day?

Unfortunately, this is a very real phenomenon that many of us are experiencing in this pandemic. Some studies show that the average number of daily Zoom users was 10 million in December, 2019. In March, 2020, it spiked to an average of 200 million users per day. Digital fatigue can lead to decreased energy, burnout, stress and cause negative effects on our overall quality of life and wellbeing.

This article breaks down tips for combating “Zoom fatigue” plaguing many of us as we work from home.

Take breaks

Even on a busy day, try to schedule mini-breaks just to move around and rest your eyes on something other than the screen. Do small stretching exercises that would help you to relax your muscles.

You can practice some grounding techniques like deep breathing, box breathing and mindfulness.

Setting clear boundaries 

Ensure that you set clear boundaries of when the work would start, where it starts and when it ends. Productivity will be at its best when you have a particular “office” space that you would use only for work. This will help you, as you’re not sending mixed signals to your brain when it’s time to unravel at the end of the day. Try not to schedule meetings or take calls after a particular time in the day. When you physically leave the “office” space, your mind also leaves the space.

Don’t multitask

There are a lot of times wherein you are allowed to turn off the camera. One often tries to indulge in using the phone but just resist the urge to do other things. Close your eyes and listen to what the meeting has in store for you. Minimize other tabs, and put your phone away. In this way, you will be engaging in only one thing rather than feeling like your day was all tangled up.

Advocate For Yourself When You Feel Fatigued 

When you are stressed or feel overwhelmed, you might feel like you can’t function properly. You might need to let your team know that you need a break or a mental health day. Setting boundaries can often be stressful at first but proves worthy. Take leave to recharge yourself and do not entertain any work-related calls that day.

Unwind after the day 

Learn to relax yourself after a hectic day of digital usage. Move to space with no screens and try to relax your eyes and your mind. Spend time with your family or go for a stroll. 

For better or for worse, video calls are a part of the new normal. While these changes are very difficult to take in, it provides the much needed social contact. With the strategies mentioned above, one can keep a check on the stress levels while also making the most of the work. Your mental health matters as much as your physical health. You can relax and unwind after a hectic day by doing some mindfulness meditation through HappiApp. It is very essential to listen to your body and replenish yourself mentally too, as it is rightly said, one can't pour from an empty cup.