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6 Effective Ways To Boost Motivation

Can't finish doing the laundry?

Can't get the project done before the deadline?

Failing to lose those extra kilos?

In all the above scenarios, there is a lack of motivation in life which can be the biggest obstacle in meeting those desired goals.

We all face a lack of motivation at some point or another. But can we stop doing the tasks that we are supposed to do because of that?

Many times, the lack of motivation causes you to procrastinate. And the more you leave tasks to some other day in future, the less motivated you feel.

Here are a few things you can do to tackle those low motivation phases of your life.

Consider the Reasons Why 

When you have no motivation left to complete the required task or start a new one, consider the possible reasons why you’re struggling to do it. Then work on developing a plan to help motivate yourself to get going.

For example, if you see yourself as a perfectionist, the lack of motivation stems from the fear that you won’t be able to complete the task correctly. Until you address your need to be perfect, the motivation to accomplish tasks isn’t likely to improve. So it’s important to figure out why it is happening to you. You might find that lack of motivation could also stem from other issues, like the fear of what people think, or also the innate desire to please everyone. 

Figure out why you want to do it in the first place

After realizing why you are not doing something, you should also ponder over the reasons you should be doing it. One needs to realise that the reason for you to do some work turns out to be the driving force behind everything you do in daily life. Knowing exactly why you even want to achieve the set goals is very crucial. Make sure the reasons behind are super solid, highly strong, and emotional. The key is when you feel very unmotivated, you have to keep thinking about the very purpose as to why you want to achieve those goals.

Envision the Success 

Formulating a mental picture in your mind helps in the better articulation of your goals. If your goal is to compete in a marathon, you have to envision your training regimen. Envision yourself performing during the event and winning that position. Visualization is seen as a very powerful and robust tool that is available to us. It believes that you have the very power within you to think and imagine whatever, wherever, and whenever you wish to! When you keep on imagining and manifesting things perpetually, you will feel motivated to do it!

Inculcate Allowing Other Mediums To Motivate You

Reading books that motivate you, listening to podcasts that inspire and encourage can put you back on a faster gear. Videos and audio can be very helpful as well. Following inspiring people on YouTube or Instagram and listening to motivational speeches from great, successful people gives you that pump of motivation. You can start by spending at least 20 to 30 mins, reading stimulating books or watching motivational videos every morning. This way, your morning will have a kick start with the right state of mind. This will even help you get through the day, as the motivational thoughts would stay with you.

Use the 10-Minute Rule 

Sometimes we dread doing something because we know it would be a long and tedious task—like indulging in physical exercise for at least 30 mins,—you’ll automatically be put off and lack that motivation to do it. The best way to reduce feelings of dread is by indulging in that task and proving to yourself that the task isn’t that bad.

The 10-minute rule can help you go a long way. Set up a timer for 10 minutes and permit yourself to quit a task after that time. Once you reach the 10-minute mark, question yourself if you want to keep going or quit. There are high chances that you might keep going since you have already started it. It is usually said that a well-began task is half done because getting started on a task is usually the hardest part. Once you are in the process, it gets easier.

Engage in rewarding yourself 

You can always increase the motivation to work by alluring yourself and rewarding yourself for ticking most of the things on your to-do list. For example, if you have a long day at college or a lot of zoom meetings to attend, reward yourself with something at the end of the day. Maybe indulge in your favourite Netflix series, meet your friend for coffee. Consider whether you are likely to be more motivated by frequent yet smaller rewards or bigger rewards for complete jobs.

Make sure that the rewards aren’t counterproductive. For example, rewarding your hard work at the gym with a treat that isn't healthy for you, will be considered counterproductive, which will eventually decrease the motivation in the long term.

Do not expect to get rid of the problem of lack of motivation overnight. There will still be some days wherein you would feel low on energy. You have to engage in deliberate and conscious efforts to stay motivated. You can access the self-help content available in the curated content library at HappiMYND to gain the much-needed motivation boost. You can even reach out and drop a message in HappiCHAT whenever you feel like venting and sharing your feelings.