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5Ways to Show Gratitude to Your Loved Ones

Do you feel grateful for all the love and care people around you shower you with but are unable to express? Gratitude is the act of repaying someone for their kindness by showing your appreciation for their help. Gratitude can range from a simple thank you for acknowledging the help they provided you to or as grand as buying them expensive gifts. But gratitude is not only about how you express it. It is also how it makes you and the other person feel.

Gratitude has been linked to providing happiness to every person involved as it makes us feel safe that someone cares enough to help us and the other person feels appreciated for their work. Even numerous studies have proven like Chida and Steptoe’s study that feelings of gratitude lead to happiness. This leads to a boost in the person’s positive mental well-being as well as lowered mortality rates. Another study by Tennen found that people who showed gratitude were better at facing adversity than others. Time and again psychologists and researchers have shown that showing gratitude is good for one’s mental well-being. 

Feeling grateful for someone’s kindness is one thing, but showing your loved ones gratitude is different. We generally start to take for granted things others do for us. So here are some ways you can show your loved one's gratitude.

Simply say ‘Thank You’

Saying thank you is the best and easiest way to show your loved one's gratitude. The moment you see them perform an act of kindness towards you just say ‘thank you.’ That is all it takes for the person to feel acknowledged and happy. 

Build and boost their confidence up

To show your loved ones gratitude, you can always compliment and praise them to boost their confidence up and let them know how much you appreciate their presence in your life. In times when most of us doubt our self-worth, telling someone that they are doing an amazing job and boosting their worth can just be the thing they need. 

Practice the ‘Law of Reciprocity’

When your loved one does something for you, say thank you to them and offer to help them out in some way. The Law of Reciprocity simply means to offer help to those who helped you. It could be a small thing like helping them with their chores or offering to take them out for a treat. Acknowledge their help by helping or gifting them something that shows that you care about them. 

Take out time and pay all your attention to them

One thing that you can do for your loved ones to show them gratitude is by taking out special time for them. Pay all your attention to them and listen to what they have to say. We all have gotten so busy in our lives that taking out time to talk to one another is a thing of the past. Go out for dinner or hiking, but take out time to be with them.

Be creative in your thank you

While thanking your loved ones for the kindness and help they have shown you, you can show your gratitude for it by being creative in saying thank you. Maybe start by saying, 

  1. “I appreciate you…”
  2. “I am grateful for you…”
  3. “I would like to especially thank you for…”

Point out all the big and small acts of kindness or help they have provided you with. It will make them feel noticed and know that you appreciate them being a part of your life.

Sometimes we are unable to feel grateful towards our loved ones, be it family, friends, or partners. This leads to feelings such as, “I am doing all the work in this relationship.” “No one appreciates the hard work I put into this relationship.” These are the signs of trouble and problems in a relationship. Do not wait for the relationship to go bitter, instead start taking steps towards a healthier relationship as soon as you sense that something is out of place.