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4 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Single Life

Often when you're rolling solo, it feels like the whole world is in love or has someone for them. Sometimes, being single can feel lonely but sometimes it feels liberating and empowering as well. You can live your life on your terms without having to worry about anything. Even though it may feel very lonely, it is seen as an excellent time to put things in perspective, taking care of yourself, and focusing on your personal and professional life, and determining where you want to be. So it's fine to actually hold out for someone and just be on your own.

When one is struggling with feelings of isolation or maybe just contemplating why the previous relationship ended, there are many things one can do to feel better.

Looking at things from a different perspective 

Your perspective on your relationship status plays a crucial role in how you feel about not being in a relationship. Research shows that people who view themselves as voluntarily single were less likely to report feelings of loneliness. It is believed that people who view being single as something not in their hands or out of their control feel more lonely and sad.

Remember, you don't have to be in a relationship to feel connected

There are various other kinds of support that one can indulge in ranging from your friends and family. They are also important to your well-being. Spend quality time with them and build a support system.

It happens a lot of times that you’re not ready to commit, but meeting people and socialising can help you discover many new things. Online dating apps or maybe meeting friends of friends can be an excellent option for new connections. 

If going out on dates in person isn’t an option during the pandemic, virtual meetups can be an excellent alternative. Consider virtual video dates where you can meet and chat while enjoying any other activity that can help you get to know each other better.

Find a new hobby and work on further enhancement 

You can utilise this time and do some soul searching. All of this would provide you with a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction, just a general sense of wholeness and well-being. Work on finding other goals to work on aside from building a relationship. It will enhance your confidence and make you feel more empowered. You might focus on the professional front, hobbies, family, health, or other things you’d like to accomplish.

Things you might try include:

  • Take a short course, enrol in some program to advance your degree.
  • Maintain a journal to help track things you’d like to improve, or you’re maybe writing things that you are grateful for.

It can be anything that you wanted to pursue which would help in your future endeavours. This will increase the sense of satisfaction and also lead to self-awareness and personal development.

Stop Comparing 

It can be tough sometimes looking at others being in relationships or dating. But, the reality is that you don't know the actual details of their relationships. All those happy Instagram photos with cheesy captions aren't the whole picture of what their relationships are like every day. On social media, what looks like a fulfilling, happy couple, might not be the same in real life. So just be happy with the fact that they've found something good for them, but keep in mind that you're holding out for what's good for you.

Just because that relationship is perfect for them, it doesn't mean that's also what you should have in your life. So instead of involving yourself in social comparisons, get up and focus on finding happiness in your life and achievements.

Keep reminding yourself that you are lovable. If and when you decide to be in a relationship, there are plenty of people out there who would share similar interests, goals, and values. So if you're struggling sometimes, don't worry, even if you wobble it's still the right decision. You can access the self-help content that is available in our curated content library to learn strategies to remain positive. You can even reach out and drop a message in HappiCHAT whenever you feel like venting and sharing your feelings.