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Simplest way to understand your Emotional Journey

In reality, a first step that evaluates your wellbeing and gives you valuable insight into several parameters of emotional and mental health including quality of life, happiness, ability to bounce back, work-life balance, digital usage patterns, and more. The awareness tool is customised for 10 unique social profiles to help anyone in relating with their life situations and taking the first logical step of their emotional wellbeing journey. The assisted summary reading session by our emotional wellbeing expert can be coupled with this amazing tool. It helps you interpret your summary, opening you up to a world full of new paths and possibilities towards better and healthier living. The statements used in HappiLIFE awareness tool are inspired by ICD-10 (WHO) & DSM-5® guidelines.

HappiLIFE Screening

Tune up your emotions anytime anywhere

Tune up your emotions anytime, anywhere. We want to help you acquire the skills of self-management and emotional resilience by empowering you to make positive and productive changes in your lives. This program is based on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy's most powerful approach, which has a therapeutic impact comparable to personal engagement. Improve your emotional well-being or incorporate positive habits into your daily routine with globally validated, interactive, research- and evidence-based self-help tools. Engage in a self-reflection trip, mind-calming content, socializing activities, and many more!

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A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

We aim to provide a non-judgemental, anonymous, virtual space that connects you to a professional expert buddy anytime, anywhere. Share your emotions, feelings, and general thoughts with your buddy who will resolve your queries personally and make you feel cared for, while being ensured of 100% confidentiality at all times. Journaling thoughts daily and sharing them without any hesitation can prove to be of significant importance in personality development of younger groups and emotional management of elder ones. So don't let your emotions die in silence but share them with a broad smile and an air of relief, because your buddy is around!

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Guidance of an Expert but touch of a Friend

Discuss your life, ambitions, personal issues, relationships, success, failures, or anything under the sun with a highly qualified and experienced therapist. It is a fully confidential, reliable, and cost-effective way to avail one-to-one expert advice and guidance from the comfort of your home via our digital platform. Our therapists are among the best in the country, chosen after rigorous screening and multiple levels of interviews. We strive to provide you with the best therapeutic counselling experience that is aimed at ensuring peace of mind, building life direction, and supporting your journey towards emotional, mental, and overall wellbeing.

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Express yourself freely with HappiVoice, where your VIBE matters!

India's first VIBE checking tool can be your go-to platform for VIBE check in just 30 seconds. HappiVoice allows users to express freely in ANY LANGUAGE on ANY TOPIC, promoting understanding of your emotional self on a daily basis. It is an agile, user-friendly platform that offers actionable prompts along with simple advice to incorporate into your daily routine seamlessly. Embrace a straightforward and simple way to connect with yourself. Use HappiVOICE and know your inner self, like never before !!

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Summary Interpretation by Emotional Wellbeing Expert

On completing your HappiLIFE awareness, as the next logical step, our professional expert will offer a thorough explanation and clear interpretation of your summary. Make the most out of your summary by gaining a deeper understanding of the different facets of your personality. This enables you to identify strengths and weaknesses while helping you pinpoint areas of management and improvement. The summary reading session takes you one step closer to knowing yourself and keeping a check on your mental and emotional wellbeing to achieve long term happiness and a truly enhanced quality of life. Get HappiGUIDE now
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